Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Adventure Begins

This past summer, for something fun to do as a family, I suggested we sit down and come up with a book idea. I already had the title of this book in mind - a nick-name my son gave to my daughter when they were both pretty young. I can’t remember how my son started calling her this particular name, but it was super-cute and one that both my husband and I remembered. So we all sat around the dining room table while the baby was napping, and started with a list of characters and their descriptions, followed by a simple plot and several conflicts to be presented and resolved throughout the book. My son made a cover page with the title drawn out and wrote “Planning Binder” under that which sounded rather official to me! It was a fun process and I told the kids I would take these ideas and actually turn them into a book. So that is how this idea of trying my hand at writing came to be.

I decided to start a blog to keep track of my progress while writing this book... my research of the specific type of book I am writing, and the learning process for actually trying to get the book published.

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