Monday, August 6, 2012


I was trying to come up with just the right title for this blog post – a word or phrase which sums up how it feels to be critiquing a fellow writer’s manuscript. I think honored is the right word. She is entrusting me with 50,000 of her own words that represent hard work, imagination, and a dream. Her dream. And she is asking me to help her reach that dream. This is important stuff!

This is the first MS I have the honor to critique and I feel bad that I have had it for a week and am not even half way through. Not because I am not interested. Unfortunately, even when a shiny new document shows up in my inbox, life continues all around me. And last week and this week are messing up any extra reading time I might have had b/c I just can’t keep away from the Olympics. I thought since track & field started I might not be as interested but I am finding all the running fascinating as well. Bah!
So no Marvelous Middle Grade Monday post this week (I’ll be back next week with Circle of Secrets and an interview with Kimberley Griffiths Little!) and probably no new (published) books read this week either. I am finally reading a book out loud to the kids and am off to do that right now.


  1. I felt the same way, honored and scared. I was so worried I would mess it up or offend her or something. Good luck with it!

  2. I have had the opportunity to critique a couple manuscripts lately too and I agree, it is a true honor. It is a special feeling to be a part of someone's future success