Friday, September 13, 2013

Author Amy Head Shots!

I had the pleasure of taking head shots for my good friend Amy. Her debut middle grade novel RED BUTTERFLY (Simon and Schuster), to be published under the name A.L. Sonnichsen, will be out February 2015. Go Amy! You can read about her book deal here.

So please help Amy by chiming in with your opinion of which of these shots is your favorite for an author photo on the back of her first book. You can respond here in the comments or go to her blog and comment there. Thanks so much!

Isn't she beautiful! :-)


  1. Nice photos, I'm very impressed! I was going to go with the chair pictures because we see so many of people leaning on things, but I really like numbers 3 and 6.

    Any of them could work though, they are all very well done.

  2. So good! My fav is # 1. And I love how her ruffled top matches her eyes perfectly.

  3. Is it too late to vote? I was away....

    I like #3 and #4. But they're all great photos. Lucky you, to be friends with Amy. So exciting to hear about her debut novel.

  4. Thanks again, Julie! You did such a wonderful job. <3 By the way, I FINALLY made my choice, but you'll have to hop over to my blog to see. *evil laugh*