Friday, October 18, 2013

Angel Earrings - Getting Crafty and a Donation

I saw this project in the weekly ad from my local craft store last December and put it to the side. I finally got around to making the cute earrings as a birthday present for my daughter in February. With the holidays coming up (again!) I thought I would post this project as something easy (but classy) you can make for someone you love.

With bead projects you often have to buy a bunch of the same beads/accessories to make just one project, so I had a lot of supplies left over. Soon after my daughter's birthday I heard news that an acquaintance had lost a baby late in her pregnancy. I got to thinking about that little angel baby and it brought me back to these earrings. I decided to make her a pair, but as a necklace instead, with one attached to the necklace and one she could slip off and place with the baby when they buried him. I passed this along to her through a mutual friend and have hoped that it brought her a small measure of peace.

Another mutual friend saw her necklace and (after a little asking around) came to me to ask if I could make some more and donate them to her ministry called Aaron's Project. She makes baskets for women who have lost babies, filled with items to help the woman/family through their loss. I was touched that she thought it would be something she would like to include and have now made some to pass on to her.

Not having done beading before, these were relatively easy to make. The only tricky part was getting the loop just right, using needle nose pliers. I used a pair of craft pliers from a Stampin' Up tool set. If you are making the set on the necklace then you need to remember to make the loop big enough (on the one that will be removed) to fit over the clasp at the back of the neck.

Here is what you will need to make these for yourself or someone you hold close to your heart!

Tierra Cast Angle Wings (15 mm)
Swarovski Tear Drop Crystal Beads (9x6mm faceted)
Crystal Bead for the angel head (mine is 5mm, which was a hard size to find)
Beading Headpins
4mm Rhinestone Halos (these didn't have a brand name - purchased at Craft Warehouse)
Connector (for a pendant style necklace - I found this one at Michaels)
Earring Wires (lots of different styles here - I made sure they were sterling silver for my daughter)
Chain/Necklace (the lady at Craft Warehouse measured and added the clasps for me)
Beading/Craft Pliers - to make a loop at the end of the headpin after adding the beads

Let me know if you have any questions!


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    1. Thanks for your comment... I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Beautiful earrings and necklace! I've done a bit of beadwork but nothing fancy. That's so cool that they wanted to include them in the baskets.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Sara.

      And trust me, these are quite simple... I usually don't do anything too difficult or time-consuming! :-)