Monday, January 27, 2014

MMGM: Stealing Air by Trent Reedy

Stealing Air by Trent Reedy

Book Description (from Amazon):

You can't just ask for the chance to fly . . .

When his dad announced they were moving to Iowa, Brian looked forward to making some new friends. But on his first day there he makes an enemy instead -- Frankie Heller, the meanest kid in town. Brian needs to hang out with someone cool to get back on track. . . .

Alex has always been the coolest guy around, and good with money, just like his dad. But now the family is struggling, and he needs to make some cash to keep up appearances. Then an opportunity falls in his lap . . . .

Max is a scientific genius, but his parents are always busy with their own work. Building an actual plane should get their attention -- if only he wasn't scared of heights . . .

The answer to all three boys' problems starts with Max's secret flyer. But Frankie and the laws of popularity and physics stand in their way. Can they work together in time to get their plan AND their plane off the ground?

Why it is Marvelous: My son said I should read this book so that right there is an indicator to me that it is pretty good (at least for the intended age range). This was a quick and easy read, with a fun plot and diverse characters. The three boys make an interesting mix and throughout the book they are working on their relationships with each other, needing to overcome not only how they view each other but how others view them as individuals and as a group of friends. There is enough action with a little boys figuring out girls thrown in to make this a great read for boys. 

The only issue I had with the book is that Alex gambles and takes bets from his classmates on anything from the school football game to who will win a fight. There is never any consequence to his questionable actions which is not a great message to send to the intended readers. I guess this would bring up some points to talk about with your child if you have both read the book, but I would have liked to see this issue addressed better in the book.

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  1. Sounds like a good book to interest boys!

  2. Sounds like a good book, but I see what you mean about the gambling.

  3. Sounds like a good one -- thanks for word on it. I, too, like it when consequences are shown to questionable behaviors.

  4. I like the premise of this story. Boys are sometimes a tough audience to get interested in books. This will make a great addition to my recommendation list.

  5. I love the title. The gambling would throw me off too. Thanks for the reveiw!