Sunday, April 29, 2012

More from SCBWI Western WA Conference

Going through my notes from the SCBWI Western WA Conference... still haven't written one new word for my book, but it is taking me a while to process everything I learned and figure out from what direction I want to tackle my writing.

Bruce Hale (Keynote Speaker) - these are just a few of the tips I took away from his inspiring (and fun) talk.
  • If you are not published, ask yourself why. All you have control over is yourself.
  • Start a "good habit" habit. How often do you _______? Fill in the blank with something that takes time away from writing, like checking e-mail, and then cut these unproductive activities in half to make time to write.
  • Write what you are passionate about (different for each person) and it will set your work apart. Look to your childhood for times you were sad, scared or emotional in some way, and pull from these experiences.
  • Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! Embrace support (ask for help). Find a critique group or an accountability buddy.
  • When you have a roadblock, you must face it and move past it. Just do it! Work on positive self talk. Recommends the book The War on Art
  • On Rejection - Don't take it personally. Even agents/editors make mistakes. Keep writing - keep submitting.
I am awful about checking e-mail, surfing the web (now I have started reading writing blogs), and finding lots of other things to do besides write. So I have decided to rearrange my schedule a bit to make time for two necessary things: working out, and writing. I have started going to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier and have 1-2 hours before the kids wake up to work on these tasks. Some mornings I will hit the gym, and some I will hit the computer. I really hope this works!

Matt de la Pena (Keynote Speaker) - Matt gave a very funny talk about his road to publication. I think the number one point was that no matter what you think will happen after your book is published, you will not be famous. LOL! Mostly I just sat back and enjoyed the presentation, but here are three things I did jot down in my notebook.
  • You are most "you" when no one else can see you.
  • In this profession you need patience.
  • Know your character and your writing will come easier.

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